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Friday, March 6, 2015


Another train carrying crude oil has derailed in Illinois resulting in yet another fire.  This is the second derailment in about a month.  I haven't heard whether or not any homes or water sources are in danger.

The last derailment in West Virginia resulted in a fire and oil spillage into the water supply of some of the neighboring towns.  There have been others, but these two are the most recent.

This highlights the necessity for the Keystone Pipeline.  It has been proven that a pipeline is the safest way to transport crude oil and transport by train is the most dangerous.  It also does not pollute the environment the way that trucks do.

I have noticed that the opponents of the pipeline have dropped their objections on the environmental issue and are now focusing on the question of jobs that would result in a pipeline.  Even if there were only one job provided, that would be one more person legitimately removed from the unemployment rolls.

I'm very disappointed that congress has not voted to override the president's veto of this pipeline.  Maybe those who did not want to override the veto should speak with the residents of that town in West Virginia whose water supply was contaminated by the leaking oil.

I wonder how many large cities are at risk because trains are carrying crude oil through them.  Until we have a safe way to deliver crude oil, every one of us is at risk in one way or another.

It will be many years before we develop a substitute for oil and until then, we should make every effort to deliver the oil in the safest way possible.  That way is the Keystone Pipeline.

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