Monday, November 17, 2014


I really can't understand all the fuss about this character Gruber who said, on many occasions, that the American people are too stupid to understand Obamacare.  He's right.  After all, the majority of the  American people did vote for Obama TWICE.  (My apologies to my friends.)

The only people who questioned the proposed bill, and are still questioning the law, are the "wacky" tea partiers and republicans.

If the results weren't so sad - raised premium rates, dropped services, dropped policies, being forced to pay for services that are not needed, the tea partiers could have the last laugh.

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The Local Malcontent said...

Jonathan Gruber not only called all us American voters "stupid", he bragged that the ObamaCare bill must be so opaquely composed, that nobody of any intellect could see, clearly now, that it's a huge tax bill on everyone.

BUT~ here's the one thing about the ObamaCare bill, which nobody's yet realized:
Gruber designed it; Obama was in on it; it was always a tax hike; but Mr. Obama and his other Democratic skunks advertised it all the way, as a "penalty", for not having bought insurance.

They knowingly lied to us all.

(you have a really cute blog, here~!)