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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Burnie Here

Hi there, it's me Burnie.  Sorry I haven't written in a while, but mom went on another of her geographical explorations for weeks and weeks and turned the computer off.  I'm sure she'll write about it soon.

I missed her, but not too much.  Her friend, and mine, Jeanne came every day and fed Crash and me.  Crash wasn't too friendly, but I was.  I got lots of pets and Jeanne combed me every day.  I like it when she takes care of us.  I wasn't too mad at mom, I didn't even limp too much, but Crash got even.  On mom's first night home, Crash got on mom's pillow and meowed right into her ear.  That really woke mom up.  I think it was about 1:00 am.  That'll show her.

She was very nice to us all week, until she found me sitting on the scale.  She saw that I weigh 20 pounds.  I guess that makes me a Fat Cat.  Now, we don't get our afternoon snack any more.

Last night, mom started being extra nice to us, giving us lots of pets and hugs.  I thought that mom was feeling guilty for leaving us for so long, but Crash told me that mom found out that Fuzzy, a dog who lives on a farm in Colorado with Boomer and writes a blog on Fridays, died.  Mom was very upset, so she gave us lots of extra attention.  I'm sorry that Boomer lost his friend, but I like the extra attention mom gives us.

Now if only we could get our afternoon snack back.

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