Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Age Differences

Today was my usual day at the desk in the clubhouse.

While I was signing a couple up for an event, the gentleman commented that my handwriting was so nice.  When I take my time, it is quite good.  I thanked him and said that it was the result of 12 years of Catholic school.  They laughed and his wife said that she also had 12 years of Catholic school, but she didn't write as well.

We got to talking and she mentioned that she went to school in Brooklyn.  I said that I did also, even though I lived in Queens.  She also came from Queens, Ozone Park in particular.  Since I came from Woodhaven which is just the other side of Atlantic Ave. we compared notes on which schools we attended.  She attended St. Sylvester which I also attended.

I told her that I graduated in 1953 - there the similarities ended.  She was born in 1953.  I suddenly felt so old.  But this evening I realized that I'm only 13 years older than she and when you're a senior citizen, I guess that's not so great a difference, and we both do live in a 55+ community.

Age is just a number, isn't it?

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