Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hi there, Burnie here.  I know it's been quite a while since either Crash or I had a chance to write to you.  You see, mom bought us this really neat scratchy loungy chair thing and neither of us wants to give it up to the other.  So, we don't want to take the time to write.  Sorry.

Mom went away for a while this week.  She took one of her geographical explorations.  I'm sure she'll let you know all about it.  While she was away, Jeanne our friend came by and took care of us.  She's so good to me, she gives me scratches and I purr so loud.  This time, I was on my loungy chair, on my back and she gave me my scratches.  It was so good, I rolled over and fell off my chair.  But don't worry, I'm OK, it's not too high off the floor.

Well, when mom finally came home, Crash and I just ignored her.  We couldn't hold out too long because she fed us, and you know how much we like our food.  After we had eaten, Crash yelled and yelled at mom.  I think she got the message and won't leave us again any time soon.

Well, there's not much else going on here.  It's a cloudy, lazy day and I have to rush back to my chair.

Talk to you soon.

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