Friday, December 6, 2013


About a year ago I bought a steam mop for my house.  I needed something like this because, sometimes, the one of the cats has a digestive upset in a hard to notice spot when I'm not around.  It may not be discovered for a few days and is hard to clean up.

Well, I got the mop, assembled it and started to use it.  I've never been completely happy with it.  It does clean well, but the mopping cloth would just slide around on the mophead.  No matter what I did, it slid around.

Today, I had such a spot to clean.  I knew the mopping cloth was dirty so I looked in the closet for a cloth for another mop.  Instead, I found a mopping cloth for the steam cleaner, but it looked too small.  I looked further and found another mophead, but this one was much too big for the new cloth.

Then I realized my problem with the cleaner.  I was using the larger cloth on the smaller mophead.  No wonder it kept sliding around.  I put the smaller cloth on the cleaner and it worked beautifully.  Now my floor is cleaner and I had no aggravation.

All my problems could have been avoided if I had just read the instructions that were included and not just put the pieces where I thought they should have been.

Not reading instructions has always been a huge problem for me.  I remember when I was a teenager and trying to lay out a pattern for a dress I was making.  My mother saw my problem and reminded me that, "Someone was paid good money to write the instructions for layout and cutting".

I guess I'll never learn.


Snooty Primadona said...

OMG! That is me too. I try to make hubby read all the directions & give me the upshot but he's on to me now & won't do it anymore...

momcat said...

I have the same problem…I want somebody else to read them! The other problem these days is that it is often difficult to find ENGLISH….page after page of every imaginable language………then, the print is often sooooo teeny……..ugh!