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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Bill O'Reilly has a weekly segment on his show called "Mad as Hell".  It is aired on Thursday.

Right now, I'm mad as hell about something, but it would make no sense to send it into his show, so I'm going to vent here.

There is a man in Kentucky who attended a Halloween party dressed in an Obama mask and a straight jacket.  Word got out to someone who was offended.  Now this man and his fellow employees have to attend diversity training.  For years, people have been wearing presidential masks.  Remember the masks and ridiculing of Nixon, Reagan and Bush?  Oh, that's right, that's OK, they are Republicans.  It's only wrong to poke fun at Obama.  I guess that proves what has long been suspected - Obama is very thin-skinned and the Republicans are mature enough to take ridicule.

While I'm on the subject of Halloween and costumes.  I just heard today that the best-selling costumes for children are Miley Cyrus as that twerking dancer for girls and a pimp for boys.

What is the matter with parents today.  Don't they realize that costume is nothing more than kiddie porn.  Any parent who dresses his or her child as Miley Cyrus should have his or her head examined.  The same goes for any parent who allows his or her child to dress as a pimp.

If these are the standards by which children are living, we are in a lot of trouble.


Anonymous said...

That;s is where this county is headed in 15-20 years! More trouble than today's.

momcat said...

All I can say is...God help us! At least half the people of this country have there heads south of where they should be! I feel the same way you do, and I am disgusted!! The Tea Party is made to be awful, yet a President who lies is....well, it o.k..............after all, he is politically correct!

BetteJo said...

I am totally frightened for my grandchildren - if I'm lucky enough to have any.