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Monday, September 30, 2013

Government Shutdown

We've been hearing for a few weeks that the government will shut down if the house and senate don't agree on a spending bill.

Yet, while the house has been working on such a bill which they sent to the senate, and which the senate returned (I doubt they even read it), the senate under Harry Reid took the weekend off.  The house worked on Saturday and passed a compromise bill.  The senate won't even start working on the compromise until 2:00 PM TODAY.  They wasted yesterday.

Of course, the president won't even try to work on a compromise.  He won't consider even a little change to his precious law.  He won't speak with members of the house unless they are democrats.

Maybe I'm being na├»ve, but it is my belief that in an emergency (as we are led to believe), the president should meet with both houses of congress to try to work out a compromise, or at least let each side offer suggestions and reasons for their ideas.  They should not be dismissed and they should be working around the clock to reach some sort of compromise.

The president, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will make sure that their friends in the media spread the word that the republicans would not budge on the spending bill.  They will make sure that the republicans will be blamed for the mess.

It's up to us, the thinking citizens, to set the record straight.  The republicans in the house sent one bill to the senate which was rejected.  The republicans then worked until late on Saturday night to make a compromise so that the government would not shut down.  What was Harry Reid doing on Saturday and all day Sunday?  Why couldn't he call the senate in to work, that's what they are getting paid to do?

What was the president doing during all this?  We need answers.


momcat said...

You really want to know what Obama was change in the usual.....absolutely no leadership.............

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right on...
He was playing a super game of golf.