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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I was raised with the understanding that I should take responsibility for my actions.  I still believe in that and get annoyed with those who refuse to accept responsibility when they either make a mistake or do wrong.

A few weeks ago I received my first traffic ticket EVER, in 50 years of driving.  The light was just turning red when I went through it.  I probably could have stopped, but decided to go ahead and take my chances.  Of course, I was caught.  I accepted my ticket and went on my way.  That was on Saturday.

The following Tuesday and for a few days after that I received letters from several lawyers offering to help me with my case.  They would represent me in court and help me plead "Not Guilty" and fight my ticket.

Of course, I paid the fine.  I was wrong and I, thought I hate to admit it, did go through the red light.  I deserved the ticket, although I hate to have that spot on my record.

What really bothers me about the whole thing is the fact that there are people who won't take responsibility for their actions and there are people willing to help them avoid taking that responsibility, for a fee of course.

I just find the whole idea of getting away with doing wrong so distasteful.  That's what is wrong with our society - no one is responsible for their actions and problems anymore.

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BetteJo said...

Oh I understand this. If I blow it, I admit it. It goes from being responsible for your mistakes - to taking responsibility for your own life! There just isn't enough personal responsibility these days, in any regard!