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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Party Time

Last night I went to a pool party at our clubhouse.  There was a theme, "Take me out to the ballgame" and they were offering a prize for the best and more original table decorations.

Naturally, there were several Yankees and Mets tables.  There was even a table for the Blue Claws, the local farm team of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Our group took a table, but one of the ladies suggested that we not follow the crowd.  She suggested we make our table in honor of the Rockford Peaches.  If anyone of you remembers, that was the team in "A League of Their Own" that was so popular several years ago.

To get us all into the mood, we had a private showing of the film which followed the formation of the All American Girls Baseball League which was formed during WWII because so many of the major and minor league players were being drafted to fight the war.  I never knew this league existed.  They lasted until the mid-'50s.

We went all out.  One of the other ladies (the only one of us who isn't retired) bought pink T shirts for the ladies and white T shirts for the two men in the group.  She also researched the team and printed team pictures, individual pictures and logos.  She printed the logos on heat transfer paper and then ironed them onto our shirts and red hats.  For the backs of the shirts, she ironed on our first name and house number.

Our table looked great, I even made several bags of peanuts.  As a last minute thought, she made a scoreboard, showing nine innings and of course that the Rockford Peaches won.

To keep everything fair, the DJ was in charge of selecting the winning table.  He made two passes around each table then announced that we were one of four finalists.  Finally, he made his decision and.....

                         WE WON!!!!!!

Each of us at the table won a ticket to a Blue Claws game the end of the month.

It was a good night.  It's good to be a winner.

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