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Friday, March 8, 2013

Presidential Tantrum

Earlier this week president Obama decided to cancel White House tours because of the sequester cuts.  Of course, he didn't cancel the restaurant dinner with republicans, even though there is a chef at the White House.  And, the secret service personnel who conduct these tours are still on the payroll.  Where's the saving?

He seems to forget that the White House is OUR house.  It is not his to use as a political tool to get his way.  These tours were only cancelled because he wanted to annoy the people and get them to blame the republicans for their inconvenience.

Yesterday, Eric Bolling during the broadcast of his program The Five on Fox News pledged to cover the cost of these tours for one week.  Later, Sean Hannity also pledged to take a week.  Newt Gingrich also said he would raise money for these tours.

We haven't yet heard from Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or any of the Hollywood millionnaires.  I wonder why.

Will the president change his mind, or will he keep trying to punish us citizens just to get his way?

1 comment:

BetteJo said...

Sometimes the gall of this president leaves me speechless.