Friday, October 12, 2012

The Vice Presidential Debate

Last night I went out to dinner with some friends and so missed most of the debate.  I've been listening to some of the comments on Fox News this morning and had get up to voice my comments.

I caught the last 15 minutes and was quite surprised by the childishness of Joe Biden after Paul Ryan gave his closing statement.  Biden pointed out that he expected to get as much time as Paul Ryan.

Now to the comments on parts I missed.  It has been said that Biden was smirking and laughing during Paul Ryan's time to speak.  This should not surprise anyone.  It seems to be a democrat response.  I have seen this many times when Fox News is presenting both sides of a story.  The democrat spokesperson laughs at the republican/conservative point of view.  This is so offensive, and so common.

I am so looking forward to next week's presidential debate to see how the president will behave.  Will he continue the childish behavior of the vice president?  Or will he behave as a mature professional and stick to the facts?  We'll find out soon.


Snooty Primadona said...

Isn't it amazing that our VP (with 40 yrs. of experience doing debates) would display such obvious immaturity? Even more amazing, is the fact that people decide to go with that. WTH?

BetteJo said...

I agree with your assessment, and have heard others say similar things. It just seems like the left is so frequently mean spirited and it frightens me to think this is an example of what they consider appropriate behavior. If nothing else (and oh there is SO much else) the man has no manners or consideration.

Joan said...

Do NOT expect anything presidential from Mr. Obama..he will be just as offensive as Joe, probably with a little different style. Last night was just what the Dems' seen to love.....nasty/no substance. I hope at least some of the people had their eyes opened...but, I won't hold my breath!