Monday, October 22, 2012

The Debate

I've just finished watching the last (thankfully) debate of this presidential campaign.

I just have a few thoughts.  I felt that the president was mocking Governor Romney when he spoke about the size of the military saying that we had fewer ships than in years past, but we also have fewer horses.  He also said that we have something called aircraft carriers where airplanes can land and take off.  I felt that this was uncalled for.  It's not necessary to speak down to, or mock, your opponent to get your point across.

After the first debate the president was criticized for not looking Romney in the eye.  I think he overdid it this time, he just stared or at times, it seemed like he glared.

I am a little disappointed in Governor Romney.  During the discussion about jobs being shipped to China, he should have mentioned that Jeffrey Imelt, the head of GE and also head of the president's jobs council, has sent one of GE's divisions' manufacturing jobs to China.  I guess that's because he didn't ask my advice.  I am glad though that he mentioned Solyndra and two car battery companies that received loans from us and are not producing.  That was money wasted.

Now all we have to do is get through the next two weeks and while I would like to see our unemployment rate go down, I'd like to see it reported honestly by all states, not like the last time.

I wonder what the "October Surprise" will be.


BetteJo said...

Well I hear Gloria Alred is trying to poke her nose into it - trying to unseal some court records from a court case Romney was involved in once upon a time. OMG. Whatever happened to winning in some kind of honorable fashion? Obama doesn't just mock Romney. He has been condescending and dismissive of the American people - if they disagree with him - from the very beginning. I cannot wait for someone to bring some dignity and respect back to the White House.

Joan said...

During these last four years the divisiveness caused by this Administration has been terrible. Class warfare....race-baiting.....I only hope that more than 50% want some dignity and respect brought back to our great country! I cannot believe anyone wants four more years of this.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes to both statements.
I would really like to know why OBama is even in politics? doesn't like people, doesn't like politics or working with other who don't think like he does, and the list goes on.

Pamela said...

Benghazi?? there sure seems to be a lot of questions coming out on the internet. Not much in the news organizations however.

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