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Sunday, October 14, 2012

I admit that I am a "news junkie".  I like to know what's going on, even though it is sometimes disturbing like the report I heard yesterday.

It seems that there has been a delay in some states in getting the absentee ballots to our military in the middle east and other places.  In fact, our own department of justice is SUING the state of Ohio because Ohio wants to give our military an extra 3 days to vote.  The pentagon has had over 3 years to set up offices in the middle east so that these absentee ballots can be collected and returned home for counting.  They have not done so, resulting in some of our military to not have their vote counted.

This is so wrong.  If anything, the votes of military personnel should be counted before those of civilians.  They are out there working to preserve our way of life, including our right to vote and yet, they may lose their vote.

The military favors Gov. Romney by a wide margin.  Could this be the reason for their not getting their ballots in time to make their vote count?  I hate to think this may be true, but is there any other reason why our own justice department is suing  Ohio because Ohio wants to give our military 3 extra days to vote?  The way things are going, I'm tempted to believe this is true.  What do you think?


BetteJo said...

Unfortunately I don't think Obama cares about our military, he only cares about advancing his own agenda and keeping his job. The exact reason he needs to leave. I know they're all politicians but we need to bring some honor and respect back to the presidency.

Anonymous said...

I heard this too and came to the same conclusion. Wrong! I do not like all of this early voting either before all the debates etc. The VP debate was just as you heard. Biden laughed and carried on like a child. I too am a news junkie.