Friday, August 31, 2012

Last week I took a trip to Seattle to spend a few days with my son.  He's so good to me, when he met me at the airport, he immediately asked what I wanted to do.  There were two things on my list, a trip to Mt. St. Helens and sushi.  I'll cover those another day.
This city girl went to her very first state fair, the Evergreen State Fair in Washington.  We saw many different animals.  The first we saw were the chickens.  There are so many varieties, but I only took a picture of one.  I guess I was distracted because they are a noisy bunch.
Then we went to see the guinea pigs or hamsters.  I thought this sign was interesting, maybe even redundant.

Then it was off to the building with the cows.  My first question when we entered was, "Are they tethered to something?"  My son assured me they were.  I've seen cows when I'm driving past their farms and they don't look that big.  They were huge, even if some of them were lying down.  Here, two girls were giving a demonstration on grooming your cow.

One of the highlights, was the collection of kids.  This little one had squeezed through a part of the fence that had a large hole.  The area was too narrow and he couldn't turn around, so he had to keep walking backward.  I did get a video and am in the process of uploading it to my computer, so we'll have that story another day.

I'll leave you with this snapshot of two cows.  Either they're talking to each other, or kissing.  You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it to a state fair, they are special for those in the country and city. Something for everyone.

BetteJo said...

Can't tell if you enjoyed your trip to the fair or not. Did you have any of that deep fried anything food?