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Friday, February 3, 2012


Today I learned something.  First I have to explain something.  I'm cynical, particularly about advertising.  I tend to pick commercials apart.

I've always thought that there wasn't too much difference in sneakers, whether they're the cheaper cloth ones or the more expensive leather and designed for walking or running.  I've decided to start getting more exercise and until I get my own treadmill, I've been going to the gym in our clubhouse.

The other day I wore my cloth sneakers and had to force myself to walk for only 23 minutes and go only 1.01 miles.  I was tired, my legs ached and every step was an effort.  Today, I wore my sneakers designed for walking or running.  I was able to walk for 32 minutes and cover 1.51 miles.  I felt good this afternoon and I still feel good.  I actually have some energy.  There really is  difference.

I like the look of the cloth sneakers.  They're dark blue and nice and flat.  The special shoes are white, which make my big feet look even bigger, the real reason I don't want to wear them.  Vanity is everything.

I guess I'll have to live with those ugly white shoes as long as I can walk over a half hour and still have some bounce in my step.


Anonymous said...

Better listen to your body!

BetteJo said...

Oh! Things have changed over here, looks great! Y'know I bet you could find some nice inconspicuous dark walking shoes if you looked. :) Thank God - my feet are one part of my body I'm NOT embarrassed about!