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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Here in New Jersey, we've been having a very mild winter.  We've been having temperatures in the 60's.  In fact, yesterday I decided to give Crash and Burn a treat and opened a few windows.  Unfortunately, I live in a very windy area.  Leaves were blown off some of my plants and the door to one of the rooms was slammed shut a couple of times.  I finally got the hint and closed the windows.

Today, when I went out to get my mail, this is what I saw.

The hyacinth are popping through the ground and the crocus are already blooming.  I hate to think what will happen to them if and when winter finally arrives.

Seeing that crocus reminded me of our home in Woodhaven.  Because we let the boys dig in the backyard, there were many holes.  When they outgrew digging we had the yard blacktopped.  This really helped keep the dirt and dust down.

As time went on, the blacktop cracked.  One spring I saw a crocus work its way through the crack.  This happened for several years, every spring.

I guess you can't stop nature.

1 comment:

Pamela said...

I'm thinking the crocus will survive a snow storm.. not sure about the hyacinth.

I saw something popping up in my neighbors yard when I ran over there this morning. We've had some warm weather, too. makes me nervous