Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cleaning Time

Today I decided to clean the laundry room/extra pantry.

When I do my food shopping, I usually put the non-perishables on the floor, with the usual comment that I'll take care of them later.  Well, later is now.  My back is still bothering me, but resting hasn't done much except add to the clutter in the house.

It's surprising how little time it takes to pick up and put away.  I spent only 45 minutes rearranging the shelves and putting the canned goods from the floor to the shelves.  The room looks so much better now.  It's also surprising to realize how much I buy because I didn't know I already had it.  That has got to change.

It's also amazing how much cat hair accumulates in a room that they are not allowed to enter.  But maybe that's because I haven't swept the floor lately.

Because this has been a warmer than usual winter, I haven't made as much soup as I normally would during these months.  I have cans and cans of broth.  It's a good thing that canned goods have a long shelf life.

I also have a lot of hot chocolate, baking and candy making supplies on hand.  Hmm, maybe I'll have a dessert party, or even better a soup and dessert party and we can drink hot chocolate.

Occasionally, with all the bending my back has let its presence known.  Hopefully, tomorrow won't be too bad.  My closet needs cleaning too.

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Anonymous said...

I certainly understand how things accumlate and I too have been cleaning. A party sounds great, wish could come. linda