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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Flooding in the northeast, fires in the west, tornadoes in the midwest. It seems like everyone is feeling Mother Nature’s wrath.

All these tragedies have gotten me thinking. I’ve been very lucky; I’ve never had to face the loss of everything. How do these people cope? We’ve heard from some of them who say they’re thankful that everyone survived, that homes can be rebuilt, furnishings replaced but that people can’t be replaced.

This got me thinking. Yes, we can't replace people and we can replace THINGS, but so many of those things are a physical representation of our memories. Are our memories only ours because of some photo album or gift we received? Or are they part of us and therefore always with us no matter where or how we live? Do we place too much emphasis on things that really have no effect on who we are and how we live our lives?

When I moved from my home where I started married life and raised my two sons I felt that all my memories were not in the house, but of the house and my life there. I still have those memories where ever I am. I can bring them back if I’m here in my new home or even when I take a vacation across the country or across the ocean. I can still see their first steps or first day of school, all their firsts.

Sometimes I wonder if I feel this way about memories because I chose to move and replace my old furniture, or would I still feel that way if those physical THINGS had been taken away from me. I hope I never get the opporltunity to find out.

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