Saturday, September 24, 2011

I don't like help when I entertain

Whenever I entertain I don't want any help. It's not because I'm a wonderful hostess or want to be a superwoman. It's simply because I have my own routines and also because I don't want my friends to see my sometimes messy and disorganized cabinets and refrigerator.

Monday I had some friends over for dinner. Later, while my back was turned they decided to help me by clearing off the table. I tried to intercept, but I missed one thing - my butter.

I use whipped butter because it's easier to spread. It's even easier if it's kept at room temperature so I keep it on my counter all the time. I've been doing this for years and have never had a problem. It doesn't get all runny the way a stick of butter would. It's my unscientific belief that it is the constant chill to room temperature back to chill, etc. that causes butter to get rancid. My container of whipped butter has never gone bad.

Today, I was looking all over the kitchen for the butter (I said I was disorganized) and couldn't find it. Finally, I remembered that I had company on Monday and looked into the refrigerator and there it was, hard and unspreadable.

Now, if I can only find the stainless steel cup that held my utensils at the Christmas party. That's been missing since someone "helped" my clean up after that party.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

I keep my butter out has never gone rancid. I hate cold butter. I have several things that have "gone missing" in my kitchen also..oh well they will turn up sooner or later:)