Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crash here. My mom has been away on another geographical exploration for a long time. Dali's mom told me that she'll be back tomorrow. I hope so. I miss her because she gives me treats and she didn't leave any treats for Dali's mom to give me. I have a lot to tell her about Burnie. He's so jealous of everything I have. If I'm looking out a window, even if all the other windows are free, he wants mine. Of course because I'm the better cat I let him have it. He's always taking my spot. I like to lay on a pillow which is what special cats do. Now, he's decided that he simply has to have that pillow. I guess he's just a mischieveous little brother - a pest.

Burnie here to tell my side of the story. I'm going to be waiting at the door for mom to come home so I can show her what a good cat I am. Then, she won't believe any of the stories that Crash has to tell about me. Dali's mom has been very good to us, but I wish Dali could have come we would have had a lot of fun. I hear she looks a lot like me, so she must be very beautiful. Girl cats are beautiful, boy cats are handsome like me. And, I could have used a little different company, Crash doesn't want to play much, she just likes to boss me around. Isn't that typical of a bossy big sister.

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