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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crash and Meals

Tonight I ate dinner earlier than usual and in front of the TV as usual.

Maybe I should give you some background. Crash sits at my feet and begs at every meal. If I ignore her, she taps my leg to let me know she's there. At dinner I break down and give her a little bit of meat. One of her other idiosyncrasies is that she likes to chase the light from a flashlight.

Back to my dinnertime tale. I made a very nice dinner of baked potato and broiled chicken breast and a glass of reisling. As usual, I cut a small piece of chicken into small pieces for Crash and put it on the floor for her. She ignored it, actually ignored it. I couldn't believe it.

Then I looked at her. It seems that the sun was coming in the window, through my glass of wine which was shaking in the glass and then onto the floor (the light not the wine). Crash was transfixed on the sparkling sunlight through the glass.

Maybe I've solved the problem of her begging. Now all I have to do is eat earlier and drink a glass of wine (poor me) and she won't beg for my dinner. What do I do about breakfast and lunch?


BetteJo said...

Pick up one of those crystal pendents - like they use on chandeliers and suspend it from the curtain rod. Although kitty might think she's on an acid trip. :)

Mary P ms/sss said...

Choose a different kind of wine for breakfast and another for lunch so as not to confuse Crash!