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Friday, December 28, 2007

New Years

This is the last weekend before New Years. It's a time when the papers are full of recaps of the past year and predictions for the next. We get lists of who died, who was born, who was married, the best of and the worst of. We are also inundated with predictions from various psychics and astrologers. Just once I would like to see a recap of last year's predictions just to see how good those psychics and astrologers really are. I doubt that will ever happen.

Today I heard Kim Coles on the IVillage tv show say that when she was a child she expected some sort of magic on New Years. She expected big changes and was very disappointed when she realized it was just another day. That's true, why do we expect so much from January 1. We expect great changes both to the world and ourselves. That sets us up for great disappointments. Why don't we see it as just another day and enjoy it. Then we can make our plans for change any other time of the year.

Whatever your thoughts on New Years, have a great one and enjoy 2008.

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ms/sss said...

Happy New Year 2008 to you!
Why do we expect great change on January 1st? That date is also the Feast of Jesus' Circumcision. He was born into this world a Jew, so his parents complied with the law. That Child experienced change. He sure did change our lives, too. January 1st might just be a reminder of how all of us must change daily as we progress. In the meantime, "Hakuna Matata! Don't worry. Be happy!"