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Sunday, October 21, 2007


About two years ago I started watching a British sitcom called AS TIME GOES BY. It's the story of Jean, a nurse played by Judi Dench, and Lionel, a soldier played by Geoffrey Palmer, who were lovers during the Korean War and were separated when letters were lost.

They meet again 50 years later when Lionel hires a temporary secretary from Jean's agency. Since I started watching in the middle of this series, I've always been curious about their meeting and rekindling of their relationship. Now, PBS has started reruns of this series from the beginning.

This week's show has them returning to a town near the army camp where they first met. Of course, after 50 years everything has changed and the people they meet are all much younger than they. They finally find an inn where they had dinner and then spent the night. Lionel suggests that they spend the night and arranges for a room. Jean, however, doesn't think the time is right, so they each go their respective homes.

There are no obvious jokes, but I find myself laughing at the situations and comments. The characters are very interesting and very British. What I found so refreshing about this show is that Jean and Lionel did not immediately jump into bed after their first date, although you can see that the feeling is still there.

I look forward to that show every week.

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