Friday, September 28, 2007

Missing Woman Found

The news about Tanya Rider was all over the radio and tv today.

She's the Washington State woman who left work eight days ago and never arrived home. Her husband reported her missing when she didn't arrive. The police in Bellevue WA checked her office and learned that she had gotten into her car and headed home which was out of their jurisdiction.

Her husband then went to the King County sheriff's office and asked them to search for her. Because she's an adult and free to come and go as she pleased, they were slow to start a search. In an interview today, her husband said that he asked the police to check her cell phone signal, he even offered the phone records without a warrant. It took a week before they decided to check for her cell phone signal.

Fortunately, the phone battery was still good and they were able to find and rescue her. She is in critical condition because of dehydration and the doctors are cautiously optimistic. Obviously, she is a very strong woman, both physically and mentally, and must have a very strong will to live. It's possible to survive for weeks without food, but eight days is a very long time to be without water.

I guess there are some lessons to be learned here. Make sure your cell phone is always fully charged, keep some water and snacks in the car and if someone you love is missing, keep pushing for a search.

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ms/sss said...

Thank God that she has been found. Added to your suggestions, Mom, remember to live life to its fullest, appreciating all the small miracles that come our way, daily. Take no joy for granted.