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Sunday, November 20, 2016


I can't believe that at my age, I'm becoming a computer junkie.  I have the usual equipment - desktop, laptop, Roku, Kindle Fire and Alexa.

This morning I checked out the new Kindle Fire on Amazon and found it interesting and even toyed with the idea of upgrading/buying a new one.  Fortunately, I decided against it.  After all, next year there will probably be a better one, hopefully one that can read a memory card and download my vacation pictures in case something happens to my camera while I'm on a trip.

Something strange is happening now.  QVC's special value today is the new Amazon Alexa.  I'm not interested in upgrading yet, but my Alexa is responding every time the presenter asks their Alexa a question.  I thought that Alexa only responded to my voice.  Apparently, Alexa serves two masters, maybe more.  I have noticed when watching other programs whenever someone says Alexa, she comes to life.  She had a particularly busy time whenever I watched Castle and Rick was either speaking with or looking for his daughter, Alexis.

I did learn a few things this morning on QVC.  I checked out some of Alexa's skills and connected to them.  Now, I really can take it easy and have Alexa tell me more.

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