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Friday, April 29, 2016

Anti-Trump Protests

I'm sitting here watching the news and am very distressed about the so-called protest against Trump's speech.

Protests and rallies are, and should be, allowed, even at times encouraged.  But, these are over the top.  Last night the so-called protest became a riot, people were injured and property destroyed. 

Today, some of these protesters went so far as to carry Mexican  flags and others are dressed in the flag,  I wouldn't be surprised to see some of them walk all over our flag. They seem to be a mixed group with no particular message except hate.

I decided to tune into MSNBC to see how they are covering this.  One of the commentators said that Trump should be aware that he is not popular since so many Californians are willing to come out and protest his speech at noon  on a workday.  I wonder how many of these protestors are here legally and how many of them have jobs or are even eligible to vote.

I worry that these protests will continue to grow in number and violence and I hope they don't result in the voice of republican candidates being silenced.

I did have a favorite candidate, but he has dropped out of the race, and now that I see how the opposition to Trump seems to be intent on fomenting violence and silence speech, I'm leaning more toward supporting the candidacy and election of Donald Trump as president.. 

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