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Sunday, January 31, 2016


How do you handle stress?

I have two ways, either I eat or I clean.  I've had a stressful week, mostly involving my TV.  The cable company had a very short power hit this week which resulted in my losing cable.  After working with the tech, it was finally decided that I needed a new HDMI cable, which I picked up, installed and got my cable back.  However, in the process of removing this wire and that wire and pressing various buttons on the remote, I lost another service.  Then, last night, suddenly I couldn't change the channel.  I could raise the  volume or lower it, but I couldn't do anything else except turn the cable off.  Finally, I discovered that one tiny wire had become disconnected.  I reconnected it and scotch taped it to insure that it stays put.  Now the TV works.

Last week I had to take Burnie to the vet because he has developed the nasty habit of relieving himself in various parts of the house.  After some blood work and shot (in case he had an infection), the report came back that he doesn't have any new problems.  I also had to take Crash to the vet as a follow up on her thyroid condition - bouncing between hyper and hypo.  She gets very frightened when riding in the car (it couldn't be my driving, could it) and proceeded to vomit in the carrier.  It's a good thing we were close to home.

This morning I got up early, glad that the week was over.  I got dressed and went to church.  While waiting for mass to begin, a woman came over to me.  She said that she had been following me since I left my house and that one of my rear lights and the brake light are out.  Since early December, I have had a few rear lights go out.  Now, I have to drop everything and take the car to the dealer for repair.

Needless to say, I've been very stressed.  For a while this morning I was eating everything in sight.  When I couldn't eat anything else, I decided to clean.  I went to work on my office and only managed to clean my desk.  I found all kinds of papers.  If you've seen my office, you would know that my life has been  very calm lately.  My office is a disaster, but if I have more weeks like the last one, you will soon be able to eat off the floor in my office.

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