Saturday, January 9, 2016


Well, I don't really hate Christmas.  Rather, I hate what I do at/for Christmas.

Yes, there are the cookies and the candy and the cocktails and their results.  I don't dare get on my scale, I prefer to live in ignorance, at least until I get a little more active.

The main reason I hate Christmas is the way I decorate.  If it doesn't move, it gets decorated.  I also have four Christmas trees.

Then, there is the other tree, whose picture is floating around in cyberspace along with my pictures of the Gingerbread House, small round house, garlands, candles, etc.  They've been missing since I was upgraded to the new Windows system.  I know they're there, but I can't find them.  Perhaps some kind son will help me find them.  But I digress.
Did you know that once you take a tree out of its box, it does not easily fit back in.  This is one of the reasons I dislike undecorating from Christmas.  I not only have to wrestle one tree, I have to wrestle four trees, then drag them back into the garage.
Every year at this time, I promise myself that next Christmas I will downsize when it comes to decorating.  Just one simple tree.  But come the next December when I start going through the boxes to see what I can eliminate, all the memories come rushing back.  How can I decide to not put a tree in my bedroom where I can go to sleep to the lights of the tree.  How can I keep the plaster ornaments that were painted by my boys in their boxes.
I know that, as much as I hate putting everything away, I will take them all out again next year and the years after that as long as I am able.  Every year as I check out the various ornaments I can again be the young mother who watched as her sons painted the wreaths, trees and animals for our tree.  Such wonderful memories.

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