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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Presidential Demeanor

I just saw an excerpt of a speech the president gave yesterday in NYC.  It was obviously a partisan crowd.  The comments that particularly bothered me centered around the recent CNBC debate debacle.

President Obama was mocking statements that a certain candidate would be tough with Putin and China and that he, the president, was weak.  He then proceeded to wonder how any of the candidates would be able to take on our enemies when they couldn't handle the CNBC moderators. 

I guess he missed the part of the debate where Ted Cruz took on the moderators for their divisive personal questions, rather than asking questions that would show the candidates' possible solutions to our many, many problems.  I guess he also missed the part where Chris Christie told the moderators that there were more serious issues facing our country than fantasy football.

My reaction to the president's speech yesterday?  When you have no solutions to problems, you mock those who are trying to solve the problems.

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