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Saturday, November 7, 2015


Hi all,  Burnie here.  Not much going on these days.  I notice the days are getting shorter, makes it much easier for me to nap, there's not too much sun to wake me up.

Mom is still giving me those horrible shots every day, twice a day.  I wish she'd stop, it disturbs my sleep, but she says I have to get them forever.  Oh well.

We did have a little excitement the other day.  Crash was sleeping on one of the half-walls we have, this one is between the kitchen and living room.  She likes to go up there, it's right near the lamp and she likes to "sun" herself there.  I don't really know how it happened, she was either cleaning herself or she rolled over in her sleep, but she fell off the wall.  On the way down to the floor, she hit the lamp, the telephone and the end table and then the floor.

She had a little trouble walking for awhile, almost like she was going in a circle.  She looked really funny, I got a chuckle out of it.  Finally someone who walks funny besides me.

The next day, mom took Crash to my vet.  She was supposed to go there for a regular check-up anyway, but they had to check her out because of her fall.  They did the usual blood work and then Crash decided she had enough.  She did not want the doctor to check her heart or weigh her.  The doctor's assistant grabbed Crash's fur around her neck so the doctor could check her heart.

Then the doctor did a funny thing - she weighed our carrier.  It weighs 14 pounds, no wonder mom would like to use the smaller one, but both Crash and I don't like it and won't go in.  Then the doctor put Crash in the carrier and weighed both of them, then she subtracted the weight of the empty carrier from the full carrier and decided that Crash weighs about 8 1/2 pounds.  She lost a lot of weight since I got sick.  I'm not supposed to eat dry food, so mom doesn't put it out for either of us.

I guess that's about all for our adventures this week.  Let's see what adventures we will have next week.  By the way, Crash didn't really get hurt when she fell.

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