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Monday, August 3, 2015


I have a surprise for you.  Today, I am being sort of bi-partisan.  I have a prediction and a suggestion.

My prediction is that Joe Biden will soon announce his run for the presidency.  During his speech, he will mention his son's deathbed wish that Joe run for and win the presidency.  Mr. Biden will speak many times about his son's wish and remind the voters that his son has recently died.  I think he could win on that platform alone.  The same type of people who voted for Obama because he's black and would vote for Hillary because she's a woman would be sympathetic to Biden and elect him because his son died.

My suggestion for the republicans results from a conversation I had with a family member.  We were discussing the various candidates and their abilities.  Some of them, although they have wonderful records in their various fields, may not make a good president.  I believe that each candidate should issue a statement that if they win the nomination and the presidency, they will consider their present opponents for the republican nomination as members of their cabinet.  If they don't get the nomination, I believe that Chris Christie would be a good attorney general, Scott Walker would be a good secretary of labor, Carly Fiorina or Donald Trump would be a good secretary of commerce, Ben Carson would make a wonderful secretary of health and human services, etc.  These are all examples, each of these people would also make a wonderful president.


BetteJo said...

SO tired of Hilary getting a pass for everything, at least Joe Biden would be entertaining. Still .. don't want either of them in the office!

Snooty Primadona said...

My prediction? I will shoot myself if Hillary gets anywhere near the office of the President. Or move to another country.