Saturday, December 27, 2014


Hi, it's me Burnie.  I hope you had a good Christmas, I know I did.  Mom's son, my brother, came all the way from Seattle for a visit.  There were lots of boxes for me to hide in.  But, the best part is that my brother brought me a present.  A while ago I mentioned how much I liked the Purrfect Arch, and he brought it here for me.  He also brought a present for Crash, something to put on the wall so she can scratch her chin.  She really likes to have her chin scratched.
After all the presents were unwrapped, we had our traditional Christmas afternoon.  Mom and my brother take the pieces of wrapping paper and throw them to (or at) me.  They don't hurt, mostly they miss.  They aren't good throwers.
Here are a couple of pictures of me enjoying my present.  I really like it.  It's just like the commercial, and it makes me purr really loud.

I really, really Christmas.  I can hardly wait for next year.  

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