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Friday, September 19, 2014


This week, all of the news shows have focused on the recent accusations of spousal and child abuse by members of the NFL. 

Members of various football teams have long been accused and convicted of various charges of sodomy, rape, assault, drug possession, etc.  Back in 1998, Jeff Benedict and Don Yaeger wrote a book entitled Pros and Cons, the Criminals Who Play in the NFL.  They went into detail on these charges.

I wrote about this back in July 2007 when the Michael Vick case was prominent in the news.  He was charged with, and convicted of, sponsoring a dogfighting operation.  He served his time and is now back playing football.

Now, we have new charges against various players.  What must happen to rid the NFL of these star players who have no respect for the law and common decency.  Far too many are held up as heroes.

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