Wednesday, July 2, 2014


This morning I was at my local supermarket for a few things.  As my purchases were being rung up, the woman at the register and the woman packing my groceries were chatting.  They started out talking about being outside in the sun with or without sunscreen.  I chimed in that since I had a few blistery sunburns when I was a child, the damage was already done.

The packer remembered that her sister used to use baby oil and iodine to get a tan.  Then the woman at the register asked if that was the sister who had had breast cancer.  The packer said yes, but that her sister had used hormones to get through menopause.  We all agreed that was a bad idea.  Another added that she has had hot flashes for 15 years. 

Somehow the conversation went to the fact that drinking wine causes our faces to get very red and hot.  Another woman misunderstood and asked if drinking wine really helped with hot flashes (or as someone once called them "personal summers").  I said that it didn't, but it might help you not care.

We all got a good laugh out of that.

Who knew grocery shopping could be so entertaining.

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