Saturday, June 21, 2014

Burnie will have his turn later, but I’ve been listening to the news and I can’t hold out any longer.  The words are bubbling up inside my head and they just have to come out.

The mainstream media has pretty much been ignoring most of the news coming out of Washington.  This just proves what I have always said, beginning back in 1972-74.  Then, the media was all over the Nixon administration over what started as a simple break-in.  I’m not condoning the break-in.  Then, Nixon made the biggest mistake, he and his administration tried to cover it up with lies and more lies. I don’t know how involved he actually was, perhaps he heard about the break-in on the 6 o’clock news.  But the media was the driving force for him to resign the presidency.

Fast forward to 2014.  We’ve had guns sent to Mexico and lost, we’ve had emails lost to a computer crash with no back-ups. We’ve had an embassy attacked and done nothing, it took almost two years to “find” and arrest a suspect who had made himself available to all the media.  I find it odd that this arrest took place right after the emails were “lost” and Iraq is being taken over by terrorists.  I guess this arrest is supposed to make us feel better and forget about everything else.

Why are the media not demanding a thorough investigation of the missing emails just like they demanded an investigation of the missing 18 minutes of tape in the Nixon office.

This just proves what I said back in the 70’s.  If Nixon had been a democrat, there would have been no problem with a break-in.  If Obama were a republican, the media would be calling for his immediate dismissal.

Double standard?

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momcat said...

The media in this country is a disgrace! The people in our country are in some kind of a trance….the people in Washington are ruining this great country, yet not one person on either side is screaming….CRICKETS!!

If you watch the show House Of Cards….I think that is exactly the situation in Washington…on both sides…..OMG!