Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grace & Dignity

This weekend I spent quite a bit of time watching QVC when they were highlighting copies from the jewelry collection of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

That woman had dignity and grace which she brought to the White House.  I must say that I'm not a fan of the Kennedy's and the way they have been praised by the media.  I will say that they added a certain elegance to the presidency which has very rarely been seen since.

I know people will argue that it's easy to have grace and elegance when you have money,  but a large bank account doesn't guarantee dignity and grace.  What does define grace and dignity is how you treat others and how you act on a daily basis.

I know that we live in different times from the 60's, but I would like to see more of that dignity, grace and elegance return to the White House.


Anonymous said...

I am with you on this one too...

Sue said...

Ditto.....I did see a picture a few years back of Laura Bush in a gorgeous red lace ball gown and she looked stunning. It was on a cover of one of the big magazines and she just looked so elegant and what a first lady should look like....not with some belt tied up under her boobs in a cheap looking dress from the Gap or wherever....The White House should display grace and class....maybe one day it will return to that...and if you watch any of the Housewives shows you surely know that money does not buy you class and good taste...those ladies are a train wreck...Hope your weekend is going well...it is beautiful here in Atlanta today...almost pool weather!!