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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Last week our community had its annual trip into NYC to see the Christmas lights and have a nice dinner in Little Italy.  It was a wonderful trip.  There's nothing like New York at any time, but particularly at Christmas. 

We drove past the Rockefeller Center tree twice.  We couldn't stop and get off, but we did stop later at Lord & Taylor.  Their windows are always beautiful.  We saw all the stores along Fifth Avenue from the comfort of our bus.  We also stopped at the Time Warner Building to see their colored stars.  The show wasn't as good as previous years, so I did some shopping.

I made the mistake of wandering into the Godiva shop.  Did you know they have a chocolate of the month club?  If you join, you are eligible to receive one free piece of chocolate every month.  That's just what I need.  Of course, not being one to pass up a free piece of chocolate, I joined.  Unfortunately, I couldn't stop with one piece, and I guess that's how they get you.   I had to buy a small box and a salted caramel chocolate bar.  If you've never had salted caramels, you don't know what you're missing.  They are delicious.

I'm bragging now. I haven't had any of the chocolate I bought.  I think that will change tonight.  The one good thing about Godiva chocolate is that it is so good that you take the time to savor each piece.  I usually try to eat only one piece a day.  I once worked for a man who would give me a box of Godiva chocolates each Christmas.  I savored each piece and the box lasted the whole Christmas season.  Now I have to buy my own chocolate.

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