Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I've done a little checking and discovered that I missed my anniversary.  I've been writing this blog since December 30, 2006. 
I should have realized this sooner since my son encouraged my blogging efforts when he was here at Christmas  back in '06.  Every year on his annual visit he teaches me something or sets me up with a new program, system or social media outlet.

This year, much to my embarrassment, he taught me to send e-mail on my i-Pod.  I've had the i-Pod for a few years, but thought it was mainly for listening to my music or podcasts.  Last year he showed me how I could check my e-mail, but I never made the connection that if I could read, I could also send.  Now I know.

He also tried a new background for this blog and jazzed up my profile.  I sound a little more interesting now. 

Another of his lessons involved setting me up on Google+ which seems to be similar to Facebook.  It's  new and instead of Friends, you have Circles which can be broken down by Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Bloggers, etc.  It's not as popular yet, but he believes it will be.  Why not look into it?

I love having him here for about a week at Christmas.  Since he lives on the other side of the country, I only see him twice a year.  I enjoy his company and he keeps me up to date on the electronic world and makes me think.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you, I need that kind of advice too. linda