Monday, August 22, 2011


Last week my latest toaster oven broke down. It still works, toasting one side at a time, but the thermostat doesn't seem to be working so I can't cook my dinner in it. This was my 3rd toaster oven in 10 years. I promised myself that I'd never buy another toaster oven again. I do go through them quickly, but I must admit that I use it about once a day, if not for breakfast, then for dinner.

I stopped into Bed Bath & Beyond this morning to buy a new toaster. While there I decided I needed a new mat by the kitchen sink. Can't buy the gel since it's a horizontal cat scratching "post" for Crash. I got a nice one, then decided to look at mattress pads and skirt/pant hangers. Got both. Then I saw the foot cleaner for the shower which I simply "had to have".

I went to look at the toasters, but didn't like their selection. I decided to give toaster ovens one more chance and bought one. Let's hope this one lasts more than 3 years.

Why can't I just but the item that brought me into the store instead of picking up so many other things?

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