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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I can't Believe It

I can't believe myself. I'm actually agreeing with the ACLU. Most of the time I find them so wrong, but today I think they're right.

This case involves several sex offenders in Delaware. They are being evicted from their safe house which is within 500 feet of a day care center. The law they are being accused of breaking says that they cannot be within 500 feet of a school. I guess you could say that the day care center passes for a school.

I definitely believe that children should be protected from sex offenders.

My objection to their evictions is the fact that their safe house was in the neighborhood BEFORE the day care center opened. The operators of this center should have checked out the neighborhood before deciding to locate within 500 feet of a safe house for sex offenders.

If the situation were reversed, I would say that they should move, but it is not. Their home was established BEFORE the day care center. There's no way I would defend their crimes, but as much as we would like to deny it, they do have rights. One of them is the right to a home.

Again, I can't believe that I'm siding with the ACLU. There must be a full moon tonight, or the world is turning upside down. Or something....

1 comment:

Pamela said...

I'm with you. Usually they don't make any sense at all.