Thursday, June 9, 2011

How Hot is It?

The east coast is going through a heat wave. Temperatures today are expected to hit 97, and it's still early in June.

This morning I read an interesting piece in the New York Daily News by Michael Daly. I was surprised at one of the points he made. He explained why the NYC subway stations were always so hot in the summer. It seems that for every good thing, you have to give up something. Since the subway cars are air conditioned, the heat from them is expelled into the tunnels and stations. Mystery solved.

The main point of this article, though, had more to do with a comparison beween our conditions here in the east and that of our forces in Iraq and Afganistan. There, the daytime temperature may go as high as 140 degrees. If it ever got that hot here, I could wear shorts and sleeveless tops, go shoeless or jump into a pool or even take a nap. There, our forces have to wear body armor and carry an automatic weapon, ammo and gear, all the while staying alert for their own safety and that of their buddies.

It must be discouraging for our troops that while they are suffering in this heat and risking their lives for us, our Congress is worrying about the costs of the wars in terms of dollars and cents and not lives. In the past few days, 13 Americans have been killed in attacks in Iraq and Afganistan.

After reading this article, I think I can manage to get through a few 90+ degree days with all the conveniences I have - air condioning, fans, pool. I also don't have to worry about stepping on a bomb or being shot at. Yes, we have it good.

Thank you Michael Daly for putting our little heat wave in perspective.


Pamela said...

wonder how our ancestors did the heat and cold without all the modern conveniences

BetteJo said...

I agree. I try not to complain but sometimes I need something like that to remind me.