Sunday, February 20, 2011

Food and Movies

I've been thinking lately that my meals have been, well, boring. I've convinced myself that it's more healthful to eat lots of fish and chicken with just one vegetable or salad. That's all well and good, but it's been the same thing every day. No wonder I've been craving cookies, cake and chocolate. The past few weeks I've gone through so much chocolate and cake, I'm embarrassed to admit it.

Today I decided to change that. I found a recipe for honey-mustard chicken. The original plan was to just use one boneless chicken breast and marinate the other for tomorrow. When I saw how much honey-mustard sauce there was, I used both pieces. It was very easy to make. For a vegetable, I included green beans, then I decided to make rice too.

It turned out very well and was very good, at least I think it was. While I was eating, I was watching The Inn of the 6th Happiness with Ingrid Bergman. This movie was made in 1958. I never saw it then, so I sat through it tonight. Unfortunately, I'm a crier. I cry over everything. This story was based on a true story about a missionary, Gladys Aylward, in China in the 30's, a few years before the Japanese invaded China. She fell in love with a soldier, so there was a tearful farewell. Then she had to take 100 children to another town at least a week's walk away over mountains and through Japanese territory with very little food. I cried through the last half of the movie.

Do you know how hard it is to eat, taste and swallow while crying?

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