Monday, February 20, 2017

Haste Makes Waste

Yesterday I spent the greater part of the afternoon gathering and scanning my tax papers.  I took a break to get something from the freezer for dinner when I remembered that I had forgotten to give Crash and Burn their afternoon snack.

As well as I can remember the sequence of events I was removing the lid from the can of cat food while I was walking to the garbage can when I felt a very sharp pain in my finger and warm liquid flowing down said finger.  I quickly put it under running water, but the blood kept flowing and the cats kept meowing for their food.  I applied pressure and raised my hand, but it didn't stop the bleeding.

I had to scoop the food from the can one-handed while the can was sliding across the counter.  Finally there was enough food in the dishes so I called a friend and asked her to take me to the urgent care facility nearby, which she did.

After the physician's assistant and doctor looked at it, they decided it needed stitches.  Now, I must admit, I have lived a very easy life.  Even with two boys I never had to go to the emergency room or even had stitches.  This was a new experience for me.  I asked for a little distraction so I wouldn't have to see what they were doing.  We talked about my favorite subject - cats.

After the stitches, the doctor wrapped my finger in gauze and covered it with neon orange tape.  It looks like this

Of course this is my left hand and I'm left-handed.  It's very hard to do anything.  Eating and writing are a chore.  When I went to charge something at the store, I had to make sure I wouldn't have to sign my name.

The bandage is supposed to come off tonight and I'm not looking forward to seeing the stitched and what they look like.  I'm very squeamish.

I guess I should stop rushing and pay more attention to the task at hand.  For a while I'm feeding the cats Meow Mix.  Those cans have a foil cover, much safer.


The Local Malcontent said...

So sorry to hear about your mishap-- how many stitches did your cut require Cathy? Good luck with it, and remember to keep it clean. Take care,

BetteJo said...

Oh I did this! I had come home for lunch from work (only lived about a mile from work at the time) and was in a hurry. I sliced my index finger right where it meets the hand, had to get stitches myself. New for me as well! Did you get a tetanus shot too? That was part of my experience. Ay yi yi. No fun! Luckily mine was on my left hand and I am right handed.
Hope you have healed by now!

Pamela said...

making a quick "check in" on old friends and find you trying to slice off your finger. Tsk Tsk. Heal well!