Saturday, June 11, 2016

Burnie here.  Mom just came back from Petco with a supply of my very favorite food - Max Cat Duck.  It's so delicious.

Mom looked so sad when she came home.  I read her mind (I can do that, you know) and found out that today is adoption day at Petco and they had a plethora of cats and kittens, mostly black or black and white (like me).  The lady at the store said that most people are superstitious about black cats.  They think that having a black cat, or even a black and white cat will bring them bad luck.  Well, I'm here to say that Mom has not had any bad luck since I came into her life.  Well, maybe a little - she didn't win the lottery, but that's about it.

Actually, Mom has had so many black cats over the years.  Some of them were Baby, Chow, Mein, Midnight, etc.  She didn't have them all at once except for Baby, Chow and Mein.  If you ask Mom, she'd say that she has had and is having a lot of good luck.  After all, didn't I find my way into her home?

Since Mom has her hands full with me and all my medicine and Crash really doesn't want another cat in our house, she can't adopt another cat.  I wouldn't mind, but Crash definitely doesn't want another cat.  She barely tolerates me.

So all I can say to everyone out there is, if you get a chance, adopt a black or black and white cat.  It will bring you lots of love and no bad luck.  And that's way better than good luck

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Snooty Primadona said...

We love black kitties here and still miss our black & white...