Thursday, February 21, 2013


Now that the president has had his turn with the scare tactics about the so-called cuts to go into effect in a week or so, it's only fair that I have my turn with some facts.

The "cuts" don't actually mean a cut in present spending.  They are merely a cut in the amount of spending or growth in the future.  Therefore, unless a government is trying to make a point, there will be no mass layoffs.  Possibly, there will not be as much hiring in the next few years.

Social security recipients will not have their checks reduced, there may not be any increases for the next few years.

There will still be as many food inspectors and air traffic controllers the day after the sequester "cuts" go into effect.  There will just be no big hiring push.

So, before you panic and give into the fear mongering, stop and think.  Just what will these "cuts" really mean?

Also, to all those people who have bought into the president's claim that these "cuts" are wrong and dangerous, this whole idea of sequester was introduced and approved of when "budget cuts" were necessary to his campaign, by the very same president who is now condemning them as dangerous.

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BetteJo said...

The president says things and people believe him because they are only marginally informed. They don't know the real facts and would not believe that a president would get out there and tell bold faced lies. Sadly, he does. Time and time again. It's to the point where I am baffled as to the point of it all.