Sunday, January 6, 2013


I know it seems strange posting about Christmas nearly two weeks after the day.

I love Christmas, I love all the decorating and visiting.  There's only one aspect of Christmas that I hate.  It's putting all the decorations away and dismantling the trees.  Yes, I have multiple trees - one in the family room (that's the main tree), one in the entry and one in each of the two bedrooms.  It's so festive, and having the tree as the only light in the bedroom is sooo nice.

Yesterday, I started taking the ornaments off and packing them away.  That job is almost complete.  In the process, I set a new record.  I dropped and broke three ornaments.  Thank goodness they were fairly new and didn't have many memories attached.

Today, I started with all the decorations, candles, linens, etc.  As I was packing them, I discovered several decorations that I hadn't put up this year, and surprise, I hadn't missed them.

After everything is boxed, they have to be moved to the garage, which is  very cold and the light is  very temperamental.  Some days it lights, some days it doesn't.  Hopefully, it will stay lit today.  When my son was in for Christmas, he replaced all my blown out bulbs and the house is so nice and bright.  Unfortunately, the day after he left, the garage light started its temper tantrum.

I know that when I'm finished, my home will look so bare and I'll have to start thinking about some new decorating project.  Right now, I'm thinking of making a spray of silk flowers to put over the fireplace, or in my room over the bed.  I may even print some of my photographs from my travels, frame them and hang them in various rooms.

Or, I could just sit down and read a book.


BetteJo said...

I know, I know! I hate the taking everything down and putting things away part. I haven't started yet. :( Good for you - you're almost done!

Pearl said...

My decorations -- but not the tree! -- are still up. Of course I go a little overboard, but still... :-)

It's only tacky if they're still there when the snow melts, right?!!