Monday, October 17, 2011

Finding the Good in a Job

Last week when I was doing my monthly food shopping I met a young man, probably a high school senior. He was working the register. That's his job now, but I believe if he keeps the attitude he has now, he will be a success in his chosen field.

He was friendly, we started discussing cats, since I bought about 20 cans of cat food and six bags of Temptations. He also has two cats, their names are Thelma and Louise, but I think my names are better - Crash and Burn, but I digress.

After he finished checking all my purchases, he stretched out my receipt. It disappointed him though, he was hoping it would be a record as the longest he had ever had. It came in a close second.

I was impressed by his willingness to find something good and interesting about his work. Checking out purchases in a supermarket can get pretty boring, yet he did it cheerfully while looking for something different or unusual. I predict that he enthusiasm he has shown in his job will take him far in his chosen career.

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