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Friday, July 15, 2011

Compromise vs. Party

I'm sure you've all heard the president's recent statement that he couldn't guarantee that social security checks would go out on August 3 if an agreement couldn't be reached on raising the debt ceiling. He also added that veterans, the disabled, etc. wouldn't get their checks either.

Quite a threat/promise. Try to scare the folks so they will get after their representatives to agree with the president.

But, what he didn't say was that he is planning to celebrate his 50th birthday on August 4 with a special birthday party. He's asking people to bring a gift of $35,800 a couple. Now, I don't know about you, but the only people who can afford that kind of gift are the very ones he wants to tax - the fat cats, the Wall Street barons, the oil company executives, the best selling authors, not the parents who are struggling to find the money for college, seniors, wounded veterans, the unemployed.

I really don't understand why any couple would pay $35,800 to celebrate with someone who is constantly telling them they how bad they are for not contributing their share to spread the wealth. Maybe the president is planning on using the gifts he receives to pay down the deficit. Yeah, that's what he is going to do. He'll serve coffee and cake (if Michelle allows it) and send those checks to the treasury to pay down our debt.

Everyone deserves to celebrate their 50th birthday but not in such a public way when, as he said that the checks might not go out if no compromise is reached? Will Obama have the nerve to party while we default on our debts?


Mary P ms/sss said...

After reading your thoughts, it dawned on me just how young our President is...almost 50!

My idea of a celebration is with family and friends closest to me. This upcoming party seems more of a political and fundraising opportunity. In one or possibly five more years, his parties will make more sense.

Right now, how mind-boggling this is!

Mary P ms/sss

Pat Fitz-SSS said...

I might consider paying that amount if I had the assurance I wouldn't have to go and listen to his spin.

It's been found that Social Security has the funds needed, and then some, to pay the bills.

So much for calling his bluff. Can you believe he actually said that? Didn't it used to be where someone said to someone else,"I'll call your bluff". You never said it about yourself. So that must mean he knows he's bluffing. And so it goes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have been gone and I have not heard this one! Yes, you are right about him trying to scare the senior public.

dibear said...

I think the president should give us all a birthday present....bring the troops home, and close some military bases!! I think that would put some money back in the coffers.