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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Frasier Trivia

Today I've spent a lot of time watching reruns of Frasier. I've always enjoyed that show, so much so that I actually laugh out loud. During the show, the announcer gives us some little bits of surprising trivia about the show and the actors.

I was surprised to hear that Eddie (the dog) got more fan mail than any other members of the cast. They also said that, in order to get Eddie to lick John Mahoney's face, a discreet layer of liver pate was put on John's face.

Prior to appearing on the show, David Hyde Pierce (Nils) had absolutely no interest in either wine or opera. He was taught to appreciate these things by none other than John Mahoney.

But, the biggest surprise and one that I didn't hear tonight was that the actor, Anthony LaPaglia, who played Daphne's brother who was always drunk and chasing women, is the same Anthony LaPaglia who appeared in Without a Trace.


Lo said...

I loved (and still love) Fraser and all the cast.....especially Niles.
They still make me laugh out loud.....what more can a person ask?

Thanks for the interesting bits.

Pamela said...

I enjoyed that show... because I grew up near seattle --

and I did enjoy the actors all so much.

Pamela said...

ps. I remember hearing once that Frasier was jealous of the dog in real life, too. ha h

Laura said...

I love "Eddie" (real name Moose). And I love Anthony La Paglia. Interesting tidbit: The woman who played Eddie's veterinarian in "Unkindest Cut" was Anthony La Paglia's previous wife.

PS: I grew up in Stony Brook - 1949 - 1967. Now in PA